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We hope to be able to use this website to guide, help and inform you about what we can do and what you can do to help you with your “neuromusculoskeletal” health problems and also give any breaking news.


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Chiropractor Rob Scott is a sports chiropractor and worked at the London 2012 Olympic Games. He has also worked with the British Masters Athletics Team, The World Tug of War Competition and helps many athletes to produce their best on the day. He has recently been appointed Head of Medical Services to the Hockey for Heroes hockey team. In 2017 he was selected to be part of an international team of Chiropractors to work at the IWGA World Games in Wroclaw, Poland to provide medical support to competing countries that had no medical backup to try and “level the playing field.”

Rob works on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Tom Palmer has now been with us for 5 years. Tom works on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Tom plays football, golf and likes to ski.

Kanika Basra has left – please contact reception about seeing another chiropractor in our team.

Why Chiropractic?

Pain is NOT normal.

Pain means something is not working properly.

Pain is caused by soft tissues that have been damaged. Any damage will cause muscle inhibition through the flexor withdrawal reflex. Sometimes it is the inhibition that causes the tissue damage and sometimes it is the soft tissue damage that causes the inhibition. If, for instance, an inhibited muscle is affecting the way a joint works then the soft tissues around it may become damaged.The trick is to find the cause of the inhibition and remove the dysfunction. The goal of chiropractic is to restore normal function. Normal function does not hurt and because everything is working properly it makes you robust, strong and flexible.

This is done with Muscle Testing. By measuring the afferent input from muscles, chiropractors can find the cause of your inhibition and by precise and careful adjusting can restore you to your former glory.

Chiropractic is about treating the spine (neck, back and mid-back) but we also treat any other joint in the body – finger, wrist, ankle etc. Muscles are attached to joints and move them which means that muscle pulls, sprains, pains and aches can be caused by loss of joint function and can be treated by improving that joint motion. Nerves control all of our muscles movements and even the smallest movement can involve about 86 billion neurons so it is very important that the nervous system is operating properly. Any change of neural function can cause a muscle inhibition, a decrease in ability and put stress on other areas which may then also become injured. Chiropractic looks for neural inhibition and aims to restore full function to the whole neuromusculoskeletal system. The sooner you get treated the less the potential collateral damage.

You would be surprised how many people neither realize the range of areas we treat nor understand how much we can help them.

So please use the bars at the top and the side to select a topic and hopefully, we can explain things to you. We have also included rehabilitation procedures, general advice about posture and orthotics and also some news items about chiropractic worldwide.

We hope you like it and bookmark the site for future reference. The site is constantly being updated so please visit often.

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What the Patients say..


My back has never felt better. Such good care and so well explained. Thank you very much.
Mrs G

After 5 years of unremitting leg pain I was surprised when it cleared up so quickly. Chiropractic definitely gets a thumbs up from me.
Nick B

Rob really thinks out of the box. He has sorted out my back and got me running better too!
Emma C

‘Magic hands’ Rob is the best chiropractor ever…. Been using him for 10 years +, was recommended to me by a friend and I wholly advise a visit if your having any joint/muscle problems. He uses very effective methods with amazing results.

“I visited Farnborough Chiropractic Clinic in March 2014 as I was suffering with a pain towards the top of my spine. Tom was very quick to diagnose the problem and within just a couple of sessions the pain had gone and I had significantly more movement in my neck. I’ve visited other chiropractors in the past who have kept me going back week after week for what seemed like years but at FCC it was completely different – the issue was dealt with efficiently and swiftly.”
John B