Core Stability

The core refers to the muscles and fascia surrounding the back and stomach and is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the spine. Additionally the diaphragm is an important component and breathing and having a cylinder of compressed air to increase pressure is very important.

Many people do not have the core stability that they imagine and below are some simple but effective exercises to ensure good stability and maintain a good healthy back.

A Simple Exercise


Lie on your front with your feet stretched out. Place your hands by your shoulders as if you were about to do a push up. Keeping your hands in the air slowly raise your chest as far off the floor as possible. You should feel the tension in your low back.

Raise slowly and lower slowly and repeat until tired.

If you really want to work your back then watch this video:

I cannot recommend these exercises highly enough – they are hard work but absolutely the best way to get your back and your core under control.

Common mistakes can be seen here:

If you wish to progress this exercise then view this one:

Another very good exercise for your back is to use a kettle bell. See the video below for a really good work out.