Does It Work?

Does chiropractic treatment work?

We have monitored all our patients over the last year and have documented their progress in terms of pain reduction to all the treated areas of the body (low back, neck, arm or leg) there has been an average 50% or more decrease in pain levels after 4 treatments.

The graph below shows that our approach to your problems works. The red bar is the pain level at the start of the treatment and the yellow after 4 treatments.






There are a number of criteria that determine how quickly you will get better are:

  • Your age
  • Your activity levels
  • How long you have had the problem

So it is in your best interests to come soon and not let the problem drift on and on in the hope that it might get better – all that does is make sure it will take longer to fix.

If you have had the problem for less than 8 weeks it should take about 4 sessions to mend you but any longer and it can take 6 or more. If you have had the problem for ages then it may be worthwhile considering the fact that the degenertaive changes in your body will never completely go away and it may be better to have some maintenance treatment just to stay as good as possible.