Shoulder Exercises

This exercise protocol targets particular shoulder muscles

  1. Inferior Glide  – In a sitting position facing away from the desk place your arm on the desk top so your forearm is along the desk.  Then apply force through your fist (which is on the surface) towards you while feeling your shoulder blade being depressed for 5 seconds. Repeat 6 times. This is an isometric exercise that emphasizes humeral head depression and scapular retraction.
  2. Low Row  –  With your back to a desk and your arm at your side, place your hand on the front edge of the desk with your palm facing backwards. Push your hand into the surface and extend your back a little and try to  feel your shoulder blade being retracted and depressed for 5 seconds. Repeat 5 times. This is an isometric exercise emphasizing scapular external rotation and posterior tilt.
  3. Lawnmower  –  Stand with your trunk flexed forward and rotated to the opposite side of the arm performing the motion (hand at opposite knee cap) – rotate the trunk, and extend the hip and trunk to vertical, whilst trying to put your elbow in your back pocket (hence retracting and depressing the shoulder blade) – this motion mimics starting a “pull lawnmower”. This can also be done using a resistance band.
  4. Robbery –  Stand with your trunk forward flexed roughly 50° with arms forward (hands facing thighs). Then extend your trunk and hips while pinching both shoulder blades toward the “back pockets” for a 5 second contraction. Repeat 6 times.