Victims of Fashion?

Victoria Beckham is famous for her high heeled shoes and there are critics both of fashion and of health and safety. She also had to see a chiropractor for the resulting back pain!

But is it right to wear shoes like these? We were born without shoes and the argument for going back to basics is quite strong. High heels put a huge amount of pressure on your toes, shorten your calf muscles and change the mechanics of your back and your gait – all of which can have long term effects on your body.

There is a growing trend in favour of barefoot running. This is the backlash from all the hype from the major sports shoe manufacturers who have been directing the way our feet move by designing shoes, supports, soles etc using research which purports to make us run more efficiently.

Barefoot running basically throws away all the technology and says the technology is in your feet!

We have 25% of our bones and joints in our feet and they are built to last a lifetime – your lifetime. Putting on shoes that support your foot or wearing shoes that make your feet move unnaturally must be wrong. Feet are designed to be used on the ground and if allowed to work naturally will be the most efficient. 2 million years of evolution can’t be that wrong! Unfortunately we spend our days walking on hard man made surfaces so shoes have become something of a necessity. But you do not need to cram your feet into tight shoes that don’t allow you to walk properly there are now plenty of shoes that do just that.

Feet need adjusting sometimes and a poorly aligned foot can create back pain and cause other muscular pain in the legs for instance but locking the foot so it cannot move makes no sense. If you have very bad feet then it may well be that you will benefit from orthotics to support your feet but most people do not need them.

Think about the first thing you do when you come home from a long walk in your hiking boots! You take them off. Why? Because it’s more comfortable! Bare feet work!!

Chiropractic does not just look at backs but also at feet and the muscles that articulate the feet. Their function must be perfect as must the rest of your skeleton for you to work well and with the fear of causing sprain or strain somewhere else due to compensatory mechanisms.

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Many women probably suffer from wearing the wrong bra which can cause undue pressure on the spine and shoulders.

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