Wobble Board Exercises

All exercises should be performed with bare feet and the board on a carpeted floor.

Beginners Exercises

The Two Leg Stand

Stand with both feet on the board and simply hold the board steady and balanced for 30 seconds without the edges touching the floor.

2. Side to Side Taps

Keep the same position as above but carefully control the board so that each side is allowed to touch the floor in a controlled fashion to the left and to the right. Repeat for 1 minute.

3. Front to Back Taps.

Slowly and in a controlled smooth fashion tip the board to the front and the back allowing to touch the floor.

Repeat for 1 minute.

Advanced Exercises

4. Side to Side Taps.

Place one foot in the middle of the board and repeat exercise No 2.
The other foot can be placed on the floor behind you to help with balance. Exercise for 1 minute and repeat with the other foot.

5. Front to Back Taps.

As before but with one foot only.

6. Edge Circles

Standing on one foot again touch the front, the side, the back and the other side in a clockwise direction for 1 minute. Repeat in an anticlockwise direction and then repeat with the other foot.

Very Advanced Exercises

7. One Leg Squat.

Stand with one foot on the middle of the board and place the toe of the other foot on the floor behind with the leg extended. Bend your front leg so the knee is flexed to 90o. Repeat 8 times and change legs. Keep your body upright our hands at your sides.

8. Running.

Stand on one leg on the board. Bend the other knee so that it resembles your leg in a normal walking gait. Tuck your pelvis by tightening your abdominals and and tightening your buttocks. Maintain this position with your hands by your side and then swing your arms backwards and forwards as in normal walking. Do this for 30 seconds and repeat on the other leg.

Progress to sets of three and as you get more confident and stronger you can start swinging your arms faster as if you were running.

Very Advanced Stuff!

9. Leg lifts.

Lie in the press up position with your toes on the floor and your forearms on the wobble board. Tuck your pelvis as before and make sure your body is straight. Alternatively raise your right and left leg and hold for 15 seconds. Repeat at least twice.

10. Chinese Press Ups.

Stay in the same position as above but do a press up by allowing your chest to drop down to the board and lift again. Only your forearms and toes should be touching the surfaces.

Repeat 5 times.

11. Reverse Leg Lifts.

Turn onto your back and place your forearms on the board and your heels on the floor. Repeat the alternative leg lifting using the same time periods as before. You can also bend your knees and swing your raised leg. from side to side.

12. Do It Again.

The whole sequence from 9-11 can be repeated with your toes on the board and you forearms on the floor!

To increase the difficulty of all these exercises CLOSE YOUR EYES