What Happens

What happens when you visit a chiropractor for the first time?

When you make your first appointment you will be asked for some details; address, date of birth and some contact details, including your email and GP. These are for our files.

Please come in 5 minutes earlier than your appointment because there are a few forms to fill in and we have to get your permission to examine you.

When the chiropractor or physiotherapist takes you into their room you will be asked about your condition. We need to know where it hurts, what makes it hurt, what makes it easier, how and when it happened and there may be other questions related to your lifestyle and your current medical health. This is quite a detailed history.

After that you will be examined. Depending on the site and nature of your complaint you may be asked to remove some clothing. We do this partly because it is helpful to see your spine and muscles and look for any inflammation or tell tale signs. Gowns are available if you wish to wear one.

After that the examination will start to look at your body in more detail. This will involve testing your joints to see if they are working properly, feeling the tone of your muscles and testing them and noting your range of motion. Other tests and examinations may be performed as necessary (these can include X-Ray), and these will enable your practitioner to build up a good picture of your problem.

The pratitioner will then discuss your problem with you and explain what has happened and how we can help you. A treatment plan will be agreed upon and it is then your responsibility to try and keep to the plan as experience and research has shown how our treatment can be best utilised. If your practititioner does not think we can help you will be given advice and referred on to the appropriate person.

After that the treatment can begin.